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Lucy Choi London

Lucy Choi The Brand

Lucy Choi London rope line


Lucy Choi London offers an affordable luxury lifestyle to fashionable women, of all ages, and for every occasion, without compromising Comfort, Craftmanship, and Character, which comprise of our three C's.

Our signature is epitomized by a "Rock 'N' Royal" Theme, inspired by the two Kate's: The edgy and iconic Kate Moss and the elegant and classic Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. Lucy Choi's personality and own style is reflected in her brand, which champions creativity and character rather than being specifically trend-led. Some shoes express a sense of "Rock", some "Royal", and others a striking combination of the two.

In just 5 years Lucy Choi London has opened a flagship store in London, and has now sold in over 80 stockists in the UK and internationally including Middle East, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, and New York.

Lucy Choi London rope line