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Lucy Choi London x Hakkasan

Lucy Choi has created three exclusive limited edition styles inspired by Hakkasan as part of the new Hakkasan Collection, all representing her key brand pillars: comfort, craftsmanship and character

Lucy Choi London x Hakkasan

The Hakkasan Collection

Limited Edition

The Mayfair is a red sleek high heel, available as a mid-heel or stiletto, reflecting the luxurious mood of the restaurant, famed for its chic clientele. Red is a colour synonymous with Hakkasan, inspired by the iconic Chinese film ‘In the Mood for Love.’

The Hanway Place, in contrast, is a black flat style shoe with a velvet upper. The carefully embroidered tiger design mimics the delicate way in which dim sum is created, reflected in the vibrant colour of the stitching. Notably, the tiger is the Chinese year in which Lucy was born, and so is very special to her. The Chinese tiger is famously symbolic of power, beauty and ferocity. Like Hakkasan, it incites a sense of awe and inspiration, is full of life and embodies spirit and drive. The Chinese tiger is also associated with autumn, when the tigers come down from the mountains. The studded back gives a nod to the rocky edge of Lucy Choi London’s Rock n’ Royal theme.

The Hakkasan Collection coincides with the launch of an exclusive menu at Hakkasan in Hakkasan Hanway Place and Hakkasan Mayfair to celebrate this collaboration.