The Shoe Bible

Hints and Tips for the Ultimate Fashionista

Lucy Choi London

Where can I find a shoe sale?

Like most retailers, Lucy Choi London has seasonal sales on our shoes and will host exclusive Sample Sale events periodically throughout the year. To be the first to find out and for exclusive access, join our VIP mailing list by clicking here. You will then be alerted to the sales before anyone else alongside many other VIP benefits, such as access to our coveted Sample Sales.

Are high-heels comfortable?

Lucy Choi London

The simple answer to this is, it depends where you buy them! At Lucy Choi London we create high heels up to 110mm but one of our core values is Comfort, which alongside Craftsmanship and Character combine to form our brand ethos - The 3C’s. Our designer Lucy Choi  learnt her craft from her Uncle, Jimmy Choo to create the perfect shoe; a well-designed style with extra cushioning on the inner sole to provide a luxurious fit to take you from all day to night. Our catwalk classics including the Madonna, Cher and SS20’s Wisteria have blessed the feet of International Supermodels including Hailey Bieber, Winnie Harlow, Izabel Goulart who walk with ease in our designs, as will you.

What shoes can I wear with a red dress?

This is a question often raised with our VIP styling team. There are a few options here, for example a beige shoe like our Cher always works well, as beige neutralises a red outfit. However, if like Lucy Choi you prefer to stand out, you could opt for a modern take with a few colours like our Diana red snake print or a matching red shoe like our Mayfair limited edition from our exclusive Hakkasan collection.

How do I wear a mid-heel/ kitten-heel shoe?

Lucy Choi London

A mid heel shoe is 40mm - 60mm and despite often having a reputation for being a little bit of a ‘safe’ option - the mid-heels at Lucy Choi London are anything but dull! Mid and kitten heels are perfect for taller women who are looking for that extra bit of elongation without adding too much height. These heels are comfortable and all of ours have character with a designer edge, so will add the finishing touch to any outfit. From the Mayfair Mid sassy red pump, to the Shard beige glitter’s elegant heel design, these shoes can easily take you from the office to the dancefloor without missing a step.

What shoes can I wear with a Little Black Dress?

Lucy Choi

The classic Little Black dress (LBD) will work with pretty much any shoe (or even a boot) depending on the style. 

  • If you want to elongate the leg, go for nude shoes or pumps that don't have straps at the ankle
  • Colour-blocking gives a cool sophistication to any outfit so consider a strong, bright coloured shoe to counteract the black. Take a look at our colour guide below.
  • If your black dress has a v-neck, pointed shoes pair really well
  • For a casual, sporty look, pair with sneakers (ensure they’re clean!)
  • If you’re wearing a maxi dress, open toe heels and sandals work really well
  • If your hem line is above the knee, try ballet pumps for a youthful, playful look. Avoid with a longer hem line as it can make you look out of proportion.
  • If you want to wear tights, boots can make a great addition and also give an edgy air to your look.

Our brand is inspired by the two Kates – the edgy and iconic model Kate Moss and the elegant and always on point Duchess of Cambridge, née Kate Middleton and give a Rock N’ Royal edge so there is something for every occasion. You can dress down with a pair of fashion trainers like our Carnaby or dress up with a pair of sky high Meryl heels. You can add a pop of colour with Margaret green velvet or rock out with a pair of our catwalk collection Madonna heels. There is a shoe for all occasions and all types of LBD.


Which shoes do I wear with a print this Summer?

Lucy Choi London

Prints and florals are a Summer staple, especially this season. High street favourite Zara have some amazing prints which our shoes compliment well. Try accompanying prints with bright colour blocks or a beige heel like our Cher nude suedes, or indeed go for the Hakkasan collection’s Mayfair which comes in both a mid or a high heel for a bright pop of colour.

Are 4 inch heels too high?

Lucy Choi London

There are no specific rules when it comes to what is considered too “high” in a heel, as it really depends on an individual's personal opinions and preferences. However, generally speaking, it may be more appropriate and professional to wear heels that are 3 inches or lower during the daytime, particularly if you are working at an office. The 2.5 inch Mayfair Mid and Royal Ascot heels are just two of the many extremely wearable and comfortable heel options at Lucy Choi London which are perfect for a working woman’s day to day life. 

What is considered a high heel?

Lucy Choi London, Beautiful Shoes

There are no specific rules when it comes to what is considered a “high” heel, and what is considered a “low” heel, as it really depends on an individual's personal opinions and preferences. However, generally speaking, many people consider a heel of four inches and above to be a ‘high heel’. The stunning four inch Kensington Black Glitter and Cher Black Suede high heels at Lucy Choi London are great options for someone who is looking for a timeless and classic looking black heel that combines both comfort and style into one affordable and high quality shoe.

How can you make your high heels more comfortable?

Although the words “high heels” and “comfortable” are not commonly used in the same sentence, there are several different ways to make your high heels more comfortable. These include picking the right shape shoe for your foot, using anti-blister stickers, wearing padded inserts and generally picking shoes with shorter heels that are more wearable. However, at Lucy Choi London, comfort is one of the three core values of our overall brand ethos. We ensure comfort by inserting extra cushioning on the inner sole of all our shoes. Our strong emphasis on designing comfortable yet glamorous shoes ensures that you do not need to sacrifice style to find a stunning pair of heels that you can wear all day or night.

What types of shoes are most comfortable to walk in?

Lucy Choi London, Flat Shoes

If you’re looking for comfort in a shoe, you can never go wrong with a pair of ballet flats, loafers or even sneakers. However, if you are looking for a shoe that is a bit more dressy and will also give you a boost in the height department, you may want to consider wedges, platform heels, kitten heels and ankle boots. These are all glamorous options that can easily elevate your entire look without sacrificing the comfort quotient. At Lucy Choi London, we have plenty of comfortable flat and heel options. For flats, the Trafalgar Burgundy Velvet, Carnaby Silvery Black and Primrose Navy Velvet are all timeless and classic options that can easily take you from day to night. Another fabulous option is the Shoreditch, an elegant and unique twist on the classic sneaker. This easy to wear and practical shoe is available in a stylish yet subtle slip on black quilted leather style and is perfect for those who are looking for a comfortable and yet stylish option. 

How often should one be wearing high heels?

One can wear heels as often as they would like, in particular platform and wedge style heels are fairly comfortable and practical options that will not inflict as much damage on your feet. You might find the muscles in your legs get strengthened from the extra use when wearing heels. However, if you favour a high heel, it is not recommended you wear them every single day. Our feet benefit from a broad range of movement and wearing only high heels, may restrict movement and cause tendon issues in the future. Balance is key.

What’s the difference between pumps and high heels?

The main difference between pumps and high heels lies in their respective heel heights. Generally, pumps have either a closed or peep toe with a heel height of around 1-2 inches whereas high heels usually have a heel height of over 2 inches and come in various different shapes and styles. At Lucy Choi London, we have a huge range of stunning and versatile high heel options to suit every taste, from the classic strappy “Cher” style in various different colour options, to our feminine Mayfair White Lace.

What heels should you wear with a white dress?

Lucy Choi London, Pink Shoes

White is a universally flattering colour that looks good on almost every skin tone and goes with nearly every colour one can imagine.A white dress, particularly in the summer months, is a closet must have for most women because of its versatility and ease of transition from the daytime to the nighttime. One can play it safe with a nude heel, such  as the gorgeous Cher Nude Suede from Lucy Choi London, or if you’re in the mood for a pop of colour you can opt for the striking Van Outen Neon Pink or even the Campbell Red Leather.

Is it okay to wear flats without socks?

Lucy Choi London, Black Shoes, Flat Shoes

There are no rules to fashion! Every person has their own preference when it comes to how they dress and style themselves. However, that being said, many people prefer to wear socks with flats to avoid issues such as blisters and unpleasant odours. On the other hand, some people choose to wear flats without socks as they prefer how it looks. Regardless of which option you prefer, there are a variety of fabulous flat footwear  options at Lucy Choi London, from the classic black Royal Opera Loafer to the edge Shoreditch trainer and the stunningly elegant Marilyn Red Leather flat.