After an incredibly challenging and tumultuous time when every day felt like the one it had followed and the future looked such a distance away, we are now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

However, this enforced pause on our life has given us an opportunity like no other. Whether it be to learn a new language, improve our cooking skills, work from home, or just spend more time with the children, these little things have for once been an ‘easy’ reality. For Lucy, there has been the challenge of home-schooling whilst balancing family life and running a business. We have all had the time to reflect on our past, our present, and our future, how that might be shaped coming out of this post-pandemic world.

There have been many positives during this time, it has given us the chance to be grateful, for our health first and foremost, for our family, our friends, and even our jobs if we are lucky enough to still have them.

Now the light is shining a little brighter, we at Lucy Choi London are delighted that we will be re-opening the boutique doors wide tomorrow on the 15th June and carefully (following all government guidelines) welcoming our beloved and missed clientele back into the boutique. The reopening coincides with the launch of our new SS20 Collection of shoes in flat, mid, and high heels. With metallic fabrics, buckled embellishments, and animal print designs, we will help you to step out of Covid-19 in true Summer style.

It is hard to imagine ‘shopping’ for anything other than food or essentials anywhere but online, however eventually, things will return to normal, and this will feel like a distant memory.

However, let us hope that not everything returns to ‘normal’ as we know it, but maybe a ‘new normal’, in fact, what even IS normal? With the skies clearing of pollution, wildlife returning to newly clear waters, and people taking the chance to stop and think, shouldn’t this be the status quo? Let us hope we don’t forget all the lessons that we have learned during this time and can pass down to future generations, a time when we have even amazed ourselves with our strength and all we can achieve. Let us continue to appreciate the little things, our loved ones, nature, and be grateful and appreciative of all we have as we take our first tentative first steps out of Covid-19 and back into the boutique!