Stay Home Chic

2020 has certainly thrown up some unbelievable lifestyle changes and some incredibly unique challenges. From new terminology in our everyday life (who had even heard of ‘social distancing’ before this year?) to parents juggling home-schooling and full-time jobs; a new work from home culture has been thrust upon us.

Never before have we spent so much time within the confines of our own homes or have we dreamt of simple life pleasures such as sitting in a coffee shop and sipping a latte or walking around the shops mindlessly. The thought of getting glammed up for a night out and slipping on our favourite pair of heels feels like a distant dream. 

For a large portion of the country and indeed the world who are embracing the work from home culture, fashion is truly reflecting this change in pace. From Instagram posts of people updating their ‘leisurewear’ to ‘stay at home’ chic becoming a whole new phenomenon. Comfort is winning in the style stakes, but it’s certainly no excuse to lose your stylish edge. Maybe the stiletto heels are popped in the back of the wardrobe for the meanwhile or brought out for the occasional movie night, but a flat or a luxe sneaker are definitely making waves.

Shoreditch Black Quilted Trainers

The appeal of the luxe sneaker is obvious, not only are they comfortable and cool but they are practical for that coveted trip to the supermarket or daily exercise with a walk to the park, or even just to wear around the house. Working from a laptop all day doesn’t mean you have to pop on your slippers and dressing gown. People are ‘showing up’ for their zoom calls, and dressing from head to toe to give them the confidence they would exude in the office but from the comfort of their own home. 

The times are certainly revolutionary and from here on in, the work from home culture is likely to remain a firm staple in the UK. It will be interesting to see how style evolves around it. With comfort being one of Lucy Choi London’s 3’C’s and part of our core brand ethos we’ll certainly be leading the way with our efforts in comfort….whilst keeping things well-crafted and with plenty of character.

Meghan Purple White Heels

However, although this new ‘normal’ has thrown us all slightly, whether it be a whole new layer of health or work worries, these huge lifestyle changes have really given us an opportunity to press pause and reflect a little. It has been a time to appreciate the little things that once we may have taken for granted.  Whether it be dining in our favourite restaurant, or simply spending time with a beloved friend or family member who doesn’t happen to live in our household, when we can finally do these things we will have a renewed appreciation, which hopefully will be one of the positives of this challenging time. 

Until we step back out in the ‘real world’ or whatever the new normal becomes let us take the time to embrace what we do have around us. We know it can feel a little overwhelming to be a working mum, parent and school teacher or if you are furloughed and have too much time on your hands. Know that whatever situation you are faced with you are doing your best. Try to focus, do one thing and take each day at a time being grateful for the little things we do have.